Data Protection

We think personal data is something which should not be given away. If you have any questions relating the storage and handling of data, please ask us. Next, you find our position regarding some most important questions:

I never heard of J-M-S - why should I trust you?

If you don't know us, then all we can do is provide you with proveable facts. Then you can make up your mind, and use these facts as criteria for other internet mail order companies in the future as well. Trusting unknown people is a general problem in the internet world.

Our main aim is to provide fast and reliable services to our customers (both end-users and shareware authors). You can be sure that we try to do our best to keep our very good reputation.

Credit Cards and the Internet

We have every credit card transaction authorized by our Online Merchant Service, and they contact your bank to get authorization. If a card is blocked, stolen, or tracked down as being used in an unusual manner, no authorization is given. We then contact the customer to ask his bank for permission. This happens rather often - the banks are very sensitive regarding credit card fraud - and so are we.

But we do not want to persuade you to send your card details via internet if you don't like this idea: just fax it or send us a letter.

Treatment of stored customer Data

Personal data will not be used (and, of course, not be abused!) by us. The data will not be passed or sold to other people, not be used for any statistical researches or whatever. The only reason for us to store the data is to be able to pass it to the author (so that he knows about the registration) and to be able to trace the way of payment in case problems appear. We don't want our private data to be seen abused or stored somewhere, and we always treat customers the way we want to be treated - with great care.

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