Guide for International Money Transfers/International Payment

Please read the following information carefully. International payment can cost a lot of money and can be connected with some trouble - banks know well how to make money - and we try to explain how to avoid high costs.

Money Transfer - probably the most expensive payment method. Bank fees are usually very high. Make sure your bank (and correspondence banks) do not take any money from the amount you wish to transfer, i.e. the full amount has to arrive here and all fees are paid by the sender (this is called OUR-Payment). Often, correspondence banks take between EURO () 1 and 8 from the total amount. Our postbank does not charge anything for receiving the money, so it is up to your bank. We can deliver only when we receive the full amount! Money transfers usually take 3 to 8 working days to arrive. If possible, choose a different payment method - it is in your own interest.
You will find the IBAN (International Banking Number) and BIC (Bank Identification Code) on all our order forms. They form a unique identification of our bank account and should speed money transfers up, and hopfeully cost less.

Eurocheques - expired in 2002. We are very sorry, but we cannot accept them anymore.

Credit Cards - probably the cheapest payment method for you. Definitely the fastest method. If you own a credit card, use it. You can submit your order online (fastest method), fax us your order or mail it to us.

Cash - often much cheaper than money transfers, even if you consider the costs for the letter. Most of the time, it is faster too. Please send it as a registered letter to avoid problems. Please send cash in EURO (), if possible. Some of our order forms also offer the payment in other currencies like US$, Sterling, Swiss Francs, Canadian $, Australian $ or Japanese Yen. We also accept cash in these currencies, but banknotes only, no coins. Some countries do not allow money to be send registered, the letter has to be insured in order to be able to claim money back in the unlikely case that somebody at the post steals the money out of the letter.

Stamps - maximum amount: 50 EUR, and only stamps from Germany (in EUR). If you wish to pay using stamps, please select "Cash" on the order form. Due to our geographical location, we cannot accept stamps from any other countries because we cannot use them!

International Reply Coupons - a very useful invention! You can buy them at any post office in the world! The "exchange rate" for us is 1,- per Coupon. You can pay any amount you like, very useful for small amounts ... but if you have to pay more than 20, it may be worth choosing a different payment method. Contact your post office for the prices, as in some countries IRCs are cheaper than our redeeming value. If you send IRCs, you may consider saving the registration (at your own risk) as virtually nobody will find IRCs very useful (most people don't know what they are), so it is not really worth stealing the letter. Please ensure that the IRCs are valid for at least two months when you send them.

Traveller Cheques - we also accept American Express, Citicorp and VISA Travellers Cheques. You can buy them at your bank or at Thomas Cook Travel agents. You can get 10, 20, 50 and 100 EURO () or US$. Both signatures are required, and we recommend to send them registered!

Cheques/Ordercheques - can be accepted by us provided you add EUR 9,- to the total amount for the clearing costs. Banks in Germany (and not only there) take high fees for clearing cheques from outside Germany.

International Money Orders - here we have two different methods. Costs will vary from country to country - for details please contact your bank or post office. The first method is called "International Postal Order": you pay your post office the amount you want to pay us, they transfer the money to the German Post and the money will be paid to us (free of charge) by the German Post. Do NOT send "local" Post Orders, they won't work! Method two is offered by banks: you pay the amount to your bank, and they give you an International Money Order back which you send to us by post. Again, as for cheques: the currency has to be EURO () and it has to refer to a bank with a branch in Germany. This is a very safe payment method as it can only be cashed by us (the receiver as written on the money order) and you can transfer any amount.

Our recommendation: Credit Card - Paypal - International Money Order - Cash (registered letter!) - International Reply Coupons

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